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Whats App Free Phone Calls - Calculate and Compare Data Usage with Facebook and Hangouts.

Whats App Free Phone Calls - Calculate and Compare Data Usage with Facebook and Hangouts.

Starting from April 1, 2015 the application WhatsApp, offers to every user the possibility to make a voice call for free with your Android Telephone using just an Internet Connection called Voip (Voice Over Internet Protocol).
My name is Nicola Scanni.
With a degree in Multimedia and a passion for Technology,
I have a tendency to pass along my knowledge in a very simple way.

In this step-by-step tutorial for Android users, I will teach you first, how to check if you have the appropriate application version and install it if you don’t and then Compare your WhatsApp Data Usage with Facebook and Hangouts application.
If you do not have WhatsApp on your Android Phone, go to Google Play Store, Click on Apps and type whatsapp in the search bar. Click on the Green Icon, and then on Install.
For all those users that already have it installed, let us check instead, if you have the right Version.
Click on the WhatsApp Icon, then press on the bottom left to display the menu and Click on Settings. On the top Click on Help and again Click on About. At the time of this recording, the version is 2.12.5 and this version is good to make a voice call. If your version is lower by Example 2.11.5, you need to update the application.
There are two easy way to update it:
1. Go to the internet page: and download the WhatsApp.
2. Go to Google Play Store, search the App as described before and Update it.

When the installation ends, go to the WhatsApp application, launch it, and you will now notice three bars on top: CALLS – CHATS –CONTACTS. Calls, works just as the Call Logs of your telephone, it will keep track and display the outgoing, the missed and the received phone calls. Chats will list your messages with other users and Contacts will display which person from your contact list have the application already installed and ready for voice calls, and at the end scrolling down, which instead is not yet available, giving you the chance to invite them.

In order to make a voice call, click on the name you wish to Contact and then on the phone icon on your top right.

I actually wanted to have a different ring tone in order to distinguish a regular phone call from a WhatsApp call.
If you would like to do that as well, you need to open the application, click at bottom left for the menu' and choose settings. Then go to notification and, roll it all the way to the bottom, uncheck contact Ringtone then, click on ringtone and select a new tone different from your default one. Now, when someone calls you with WhatsApp you will know right away.

If you are making a call while connected to your WI-FI, the call is free, if you are out you will use some data of your plan.
Thanks to, I can give you the approximate voice call data consumption, in kilobytes for a one-minute call.
WhatsApp: Call 1: 483 kb - Call 2: 484 kb.
Facebook Messenger: Call 1: 347kb - Call 2: 345kb.
Hangouts: Call 1: 570KB - Call 2: 520KB.

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Thank You for Listening and Enjoy your Free Voice Calls with WhatsApp.


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