Monday, May 18, 2015

Bruno Mars - Clean Bandit - Live Concert - Cover - Christmas Italy

Bruno Mars – Treasure
Clean Bandit – Rather Be

We may breathe Christmas air in this town located in the south region of Italy, Apulia. In Bari, people can experience these kind of live performances. On December 21st standing, dancing and singing on a balcony overlooking the jam-packed Via Sparano, two talented singers are performing cover versions of many popular pop songs. I was lucky to take a quick video shot while they were singing Treasure by Bruno Mars and following Rather Be by Clean Bandit.
Over 10.000 fortunate people soon transformed themselves in fans, thanks to the quality of the performers, the organization and the choreography of a beautiful adorned street. It is not a case that this street in Bari happens to have a bunch of famous stores like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Emporio Armani, Hermes, Max Mara, Trussardi, Zara, Guess, H&M, The Disney Store, Foot Locker, North Sails, Sephora, Vodafone and so on.
This was not the only event in this town. An article from the national newspaper “La Repubblica” underlines some other like «Natale nella città di Santa Claus» for the entire day in piazza Umberto in Carbonara, part of the show "Le Tradizioni". Other activities in the afternoon: At 17.30 in the church of San Nicola in Catino, you may see the theater of marionette, after an half hour a Street band will perform in corso Garibaldi (municipio V). At 18.30 there will be two concerts at the same time of Alberto Jovene Trio in the garden Lubich (Russian Church) and a Street band performing in the center’s streets, from via Manzoni up until Bari vecchia (old Bari). At 19, instead, in via Sparano there will be the Eurobandmurgia's streetband and at 19.30 in the church of “Gesù Cristo dei Santi degli Ultimi Giorni” people can enjoy the “Concerto di Natale” (Christmas Concert) by the “Coro Pugliese” from the same church. Bari does not forget those in jail in fact the “Vescovo” of Bari, monsignor Francesco Cacucci, will meet them all in the city of Bari: the visit promoted by the Lions Club Toritto and the association Cassiodoro will donate one hundred Centenary Bibles.

After this intense weekend, live nativity representations will go around the Apulia Region – from Mola di Bari which hosts the nativity of Troia, in the hystoric center -, while in Bari the ornaments of the renowned “sala Murat, of “Spaccabari” (from 10 until 13 and from 19 until 22). The Christmas’s party against Ebola is organized by the “comitato barese of Unicef: in an effort to collect resources to help the research against this awful desease, at 21,30 at Dickens Inn of Bari, in via Demetrio Marin 37, the musical group Nerds Band will perform (Info 080.523.54.82).
There is also an archeologic gift for the children with “I piccoli alla scoperta di Bari sotterranea” – a trip in the city under the city: every day until the January 6th, from 17:00. Kids will be fantasizing between dream and reality; they will meet the hidden treasures of Bari, and have an archeologist as a tour guide like Babbo Natale, accredited by the Soprintendenza Archeologica of Puglia. A trip back into time, between gutters and unseen grottos, to meet the legendary Nikolaus, in the World a.k.a. Santa Claus (info 340.954.64.76). Talking about Babbo Natale, at the Fattoria didattica of Bari (via Canonico Annibale Maria di Francia) between the elivery of letters, and “elfi assistenti”, caramels e gifts (info: 392.370.69.87). The “residenze reali of Torino”, from the “Venaria alla Casina di caccia di Stupinigi”, become the live theater of the fairytale, one most loved by us. “Cenerentola” (Cindarella), a blooming flower that emerges from dust and coil, in a great dance in search for that love that always triumph.
In the end slate, you may also enjoy the actress Grazia Daddario
You may recognize her, as she is present in numerous Italian movies like "Tale of Tales" “Odore di Pioggia” L’anima Gemella and many others.


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