Monday, May 18, 2015

DJ Trip: Live Performance – DJ Trophy 1991 – Bari – Italy.

Welcome to my Channel. This video is dedicated to Cesare Tripodo a.k.a. DJ Trip. I met Cesare in the year 1985, while buying vinyl records at Stereo Mondo a local record store in the center of the city of Bari. I was just 16 years old, and I was so scared to approach someone I knew was a great DJ. I began mixing only a couple of years before at a radio station called Bari Radio Gamma. Astonished by his friendliness, the extreme humbleness and affability he showed and, surly surprised, I would have never thought that, in the following 30 years of my career where I traveled the World and the seven seas I would have never met again a human soul with the same heart or nevertheless the same talent. DJ Trip is my Myth, my Hero and the person whom inspired and always inspires me during my career and life.
25 years later, after his tragic disappearance, another famous DJ, Pasquale 33, delivers to me two mixed audio cassettes with my name on it. He tells me that he found them in the DJ Trip’s Records case. Those two cassettes and their significance will always rest with me, just like the memory of the only time we worked together. I had the pleasure of introduce him in this video made by Miki the Red of Red Film Production, during the second edition of DJ Trophy in 1991. Stereo Mondo of Giorgio Ricci organized this event, with Service e P.A. of Diemmebi service Discoteca Mobile Bari of Nico Iannone. The venue’s name was Fiera Del Levante, and the Exhibition name Expo Levante.  
Cesare Tripodo had just won the Italian Championship of the D.M.C. circuit and just placed second on the same event in the European tournament. Unfortunately, an unstable platform compromised a bit his performance, which stands anyway as a memorable one, along with the rap of Master Freeze. For those few who did not have the pleasure to know him, DJ Trip was renowned for his DJ talent. Spinning with two turntables and a two-channel mixer, Cesare often used the scratch technique with mix cutting, back spinning (usually using two versions of the same track) and punch-sing, mixing hip hop vinyl with his feet moving the fader with his nose and mouth, with the clock theory technique. To learn more about DJ Trip please visit the following links. It was just a reason to be together with you dear friends and with the great Mater Freeze.
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