Monday, May 18, 2015

How to connect your Laptop, Android, IPhone and or Tablet to your TV Wireless - Tutorial.

How to connect your Laptop, Android, IPhone and or Tablet to your TV Wireless - Tutorial.

Hello, in this video I will show you how to connect your Laptop, Android, IPhone and or Tablet to your TV wireless. For this tutorial, I am going to use a Galaxy 4 mini, a Laptop with Windows 7 that connects to a non-Smart TV with an HDMI cable. With a Smart TV, it will be actually easier, just connect it to your Wi-Fi using the network setup and download the necessary program. If you use a Mac or IPod and IPhone, the steps are the same, just download the proper software.

Every unit you want to connect must download MirrorOp software, which you will find at the webpage: "". At the time of this recording, the file is MirroOp Sender Version

In my case, I click Windows. Now check if you meet the software requirements. If you not sure, download the Benchmark Tool. This program will test your laptop.

Once downloaded the file must be extract and installed. I have already installed it and that is why it is asking me if I want to test it again. Therefore, keep in mind that the screen shots may be slightly different. Once launched, check the result. In my case, I have five stars; it means that my System and Video Card passed the test.

We can now go back to the webpage and click Try Now to download the software. Once we see that it works we may decide to click on Buy, pay 10 bucks for every unit and enjoy the software with unlimited time. In fact, be aware that after few minutes your trial version will shut down. - Once extracted, proceed to install it. Once installed do not launch the application, as you will incur in several connection problems.

Now, I will do a similar operation using Google play with my galaxy 4 mini. I connect my mobile phone on my home Wi-Fi network and I look for MirrorOp Receiver. Once found I download it and install it. Once installed, I launch the program obtaining this image you see on the screen, which tells you that your mobile is waiting to connect to your laptop.

Now, we are ready to launch MirrorOp Sender from my laptop. Provide the Wi-Fi password and then click to connect. My mobile is now connected and I am receiving the images from my laptop. I can now navigate to my favorite website from far, by example sitting on my couch using the keyboard of my mobile and using the browser from my laptop. With the laptop connect via HDMI to my TV I can move the browser with a wireless mouse and check out the website on my TV.

If you want to see the files you have stored on your mobile on your laptop or on your TV, you will then do just the opposite. Download from your mobile MirroOp Sender, and from your Laptop or TV MirrorOp Receiver. I hope is all clear now. In any case leave a comment and I will answer to you. If you liked this tutorial please subscribe, I will soon have much more useful videos to show you.

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