Monday, May 18, 2015

How to Connect your Computer via HDMI with a TV o Monitor - The Best Way Possible.

The Best way to Connect your Computer via HDMI with a TV or Monitor is to program it, not to mirror the Computer's Screen but, to Extend it, allowing the user to work with both devices independently and at the same time. Using therefore, both devices in their full capabilities.

My name is Nicola Scanni.
With a degree in Multimedia and a passion for Technology,
I have a tendency to pass along my knowledge in a very simple way.

In this step-by-step tutorial for Windows users, I will teach you first, how to connect these devices and then, how to program your computer to separate them.
In addition, I will explain how to switch the monitor (Left or Right) depending on your setup needs while easing your dragging experience.

Do not worry if it sounds complicated, I can assure you is not.
I will explain it in a very simple way therefore, even if you feel you are a beginner or if you have very little knowledge, it will be easy just like a walk in a Park.
The advanced users instead, can easily jump to step 3 by reading the description below. Ready? Let’s Go.

Step 1)

Find the HDMI Female Entrance in both your Computer and Your TV or Monitor and calculate the distance related to your setup planning. Go ahead and buy the HDMI Cable with the proper length you have just calculate.
Keep in mind that there are several types of cables the one I am showing you has a Gold Plated Plug. This will guarantee you the best quality connection and it will never oxidize or rust. This type of cable can also be adjusted for an angular setting. Other types of cables may bend too much and with time rip themselves apart. However, their cost is almost the double respect to the regular one. Therefore, it will be up to you to choose the type that better fits your purpose.

Step 2)

First, Insert the HDMI cable into your TV or Monitor than plug in the other end of the cable into your Computer. A double tone sound should play to make you notice that your Computer has recognized the device. Now, you can right click with your mouse on a free space of your Computer Screen and choose Screen resolution.
If you do not have a mouse with a right button go to Start > (The Windows LOGO) > Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display > Change display settings. The Windows program automatically chooses the best display settings, including screen resolution, refresh rate, and color, based on your monitor. These settings differ depending on whether you have an LCD or a CRT monitor.

Step 3) Advanced User May Start Here.

Go to Multiple Displays and Change the Default Setting from Duplicate these Displays to Extend these Displays.
This setting, will allow you to Play and Listen to your favorite Video by dragging it from the Computer to the TV or Monitor and have at the same time, the Computer Screen FREE to make your Google Search or to use any other software for your convenience.
Depending on your Computer's Video Card, you may be able to change the Volume with the Remote Control of your TV or Monitor.

Step 4)

Depending of your setup, you may need to switch side for an easier dragging solution. In my case, my TV is on my LEFT and my Computer is on my RIGHT. Therefore, it seems appropriate and spontaneous for me to Drag items from Right to Left and not from Left to Right as in the Default setting. The solution is simple. Click (ONCE) and Drag the TV Screen's Icon over the Computer's Icon and Click Apply. The last thing I would like to mention is the possibility to have your TV or Monitor as the Main Display. First Click (ONCE) on the Monitor's Icon and Then Check Mark where it says Make this my main display. Click Apply and your TV or Monitor will became your main display. This is very useful if you have a Wireless Mouse and you Need or just want to be able to move around in your room.

In addition, if you also need to be able to type in a web address or anything else, I suggest you to take a look of my Tutorial at this Address , which is also, easily clickable in my Description Below. Finally, if you liked my Tutorial, do not forget to Subscribe to my Channel.
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If you have any question please leave a Comment, I will answer them ASAP.

Thank You for Listening and Enjoy your new HDMI Setting.

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